Benefits of Reiki at the End of Life


Reiki is beneficial throughout life but also at this pivotal transition between life and death. 

Reiki reduces the anxiety and fear that can be associated with growing older or with a terminal diagnosis. This energy work can minimize the side effects of medications and medical procedures and promote an overall relaxation. Whether at home or in a facility the love and peace that Reiki inspires envelop a dying person and his/her family and encourage a sense of presence and compassion among those involved. Though this energy healing will not cure our client at this stage of life, and we are not always aware of its affect, the loving presence and healing touch in which Reiki is shared, can be deeply healing. 

Reiki allows us to better handle the uncertainty of life and death.  We can feel warm, loved, and connected to those around us and to ourselves. It helps us to lift our spirits and accept things as they are.