alyssa ackerman end of life guide

End Of Life Guidance

There are lots of options for those approaching death and for the families and loved ones who walk with them. Though it can be difficult to understand and get organized in this emotional time, my goal is to provide quality and relevant information and connect you to the trusted practitioners who can provide compassionate care for you and your loved ones. 

What to expect 

Get all your questions answered. 

Dialogue - logistics, spirituality, and any questions about the kinds of care that can be of service to you, your family, your loved ones. 


Ease of mind. Feel at ease knowing that your doing the best for your loved one through this time. Working together, we will understand that landscape, the legalities, and the options available to you so you can plan ahead and understand the last rites of your loved one. 

  • End of life care - palliative care, hospice care, assisted living, at-home care
  • Healing - acupuncture, reiki, massage
  • Meditation 
  • Movement - qi gong, yoga, walking, 
  • Death with Dignity 
  • Home Funerals 
  • Death doulas and midwives