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My treatments range from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. I offer the following modalities: Relaxation massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Elder massage, Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofacial techniques, and Table Thai.


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60 minute massage


90 Minute Massage


120 Minute Massage


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Type of Treatment

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle technique that facilitates the body’s own ability to heal. This can be a powerful modality for anyone who has experienced trauma, has been in a motor vehicle accident, has a history of head injury, chronic pain, headaches, autism, audio or visual symptoms, fibromyalgia. Learn more about Craniosacral.

Elder Massage

Outcalls available

This treatment will focus on the current health conditions and needs of elderly clients. In this massage, we may focus on improving circulation and bringing blood back to the heart. We may also focus on improving lymph flow to help boost the immune system and increase the energy one feels. This will be a highly personalized treatment and outcalls are available. Learn more about the benefits of massage for seniors.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage will focus on reducing stress and tension held within the body. Whether there’s a chronic illness, old injury, or emotional imbalance, this massage will soothe the muscles and encourage the fight-or-flight nervous system to relax so your body can detox.

Wellness Massage

A wellness massage will focus on a certain symptom, condition, illness, or issue. If you have something in mind that you want to focus on, we will plan a custom treatment to encourage healing where it’s needed most.


Reiki is a style of Japanese energy work that promotes healing, reduces stress, and facilitates relaxation. Receiving Reiki helps unblock areas of energetic stagnation that can cause physical symptoms. It addresses the body, mind, and spirit of the client and the effects can last much longer than the duration of your treatment. Learn more about Reiki.


Specialty Treatment

Specialty treatments focus on a specific outcome and can be paired with select add-on’s to enhance the experience.

60 minute: $100 | 90 minute: $140 | 120 minute: $180

Includes 1 add-on. Additional Add ons: $10 each



Find peace and balance with this full body massage. Settle into a deep tranquility as your tension releases and your worries fade away. This massage will include Swedish, Deep tissue, and Craniosacral techniques.

Pairs well with

essential oil: Relaxation blend

Aromatherapy: tranquility blend

reflexology Massage


Boost your energy and mood with a relaxing massage that leaves you feeling energized and empowered. This massage combines Swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic techniques.

Pairs well with

essential oil: revitalize blend

Aromatherapy: Awaken blend

acupressure: energize



This full body massage will boost your immune system’s ability to heal itself. It will improve circulation, helping your muscles remove toxins while bringing fresh nutrients in. This massage incorporates swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic techniques.

Pairs well with

Essential Oil Blend: Detoxify

Aromatherapy: Detox blend

Fire Cupping

Reflexology massage

Gua Sha


This massage is completely focused on Releasing your pain. This massage can benefit those with chronic or acute pain, headaches, injury, or chronic illness. The massage will include Swedish, Deep tissue, and craniosacral techniques to reduce pain.

Pairs well with

Essential Oil Blend w/ Arnica: inflammation & pain releif

CBD oil Blend: pain releif

Hydrotherapy: heat can amplify the relief of chronic pain and cold for acute pain.



This craniosacral treatment will balance and deepen the connection of your body, spirit, and mind. These soft tissue and energy techniques give us acces to the deep physiological structures that can be hard to access with deep tissue techniques.

Pairs well with

Essential Oil Blend: Balance

Aromatherapy: Balance blend




Release the tension of stiff muscles and the worries of your mind. This massage incorporates Relaxation Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki.

Pairs well with

Essential Oil Blend: Peace

Aromatherapy: Peace blend

Cannabis Oil


Add Ons

$10 per additional add-on


Choose from a wide variety of quality essential oils for your treatment

Essential Oil Blend

Choose a quality Essential oil or locally made blend to be mixed with your oil or lotion.

Cannabis Oil

CBD Oil is known for it’s ability to reduce pain, enhance relaxation, and boost your mood.


Focused foot massage to boost circulation, mood, liver function, and improve sleep

Gua Sha

Great for reducing inflammation and pain. Great for tigh shoulders/neck from computer use and for scar tissue and tight muscles


Hot or cold hydro can significantly enhance the effects of your session.

Allergy alleviation

Relieve sinus pressure and congestion with facial massage, acupressure, and our essential oil blend